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Lamborghini Aventador SV 12V for kids

Lamborghini Aventador SV 12V for kids

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For precocious youngsters who can't wait to get behind the wheel, this thrilling Lamborghini Aventador SV sports car offers an exciting adventure. The car can reach speeds of up to 2.2 mph. This Lamborghini is specially designed for children aged 37 to 72 months: a period when exploration is the top priority for children and safety is the greatest concern for parents. This ride-on vehicle keeps everyone in the family happy. The realistic design creates the look and feel of a luxury vehicle, providing the ultimate driving adventure for young thrill seekers.

The young driver of this Lamborghini SV can set it to two different driving speeds. With built-in Bluetooth, AUX input and USB port, kids can listen to music while driving and they'll love listening to their favorite songs on repeat.

This is a Lamborghini car for kids, and it's designed with their safety as the top priority. The adjustable seat belt allows children to be safely restrained. Children can freely control the driving on Lamborghini, but the remote control allows a parent to override the child's control.

This Lamborghini remote control car is built with a high capacity 12V rechargeable battery and 2 powerful 25W motors. This vehicle has an 8-12 hour charge time and 1-2 hour drive time, depending on terrain. Ride-on vehicles make an exciting gift for birthdays or holidays, delighting children and igniting their spirits.

  • CLASSIC DESIGN - Signature scissor doors enhance the sporty, timeless aesthetic of this 12V ride-on vehicle, designed to mimic a real Lamborghini. To enhance the luxury features, the car includes LED headlights and textured carbon fiber bodywork.

  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE - This Lamborghini Aventador SV for kids can reach speeds of up to 3 km/h. With the 12V rechargeable battery and two powerful 25W motors, kids will enjoy a smooth and powerful riding experience. To ensure that children are not frightened by sudden acceleration, this vehicle is designed with a slow start function.

  • SAFETY FIRST - Kids will stay safe and parents will be pleased with the many safety features of this ride on Lamborghini. An adjustable seat belt and reliable brakes ensure driver safety. Children freely control the car, but the remote control allows a parent to override it.

  • ADVANCED FEATURES - Kids will enjoy a realistic luxury car experience. The driver can choose their own driving music and enjoy it via the integrated Bluetooth speaker. This car can be set at high or low speed and can move forward and backward.

  • AN IDEAL GIFT - This ASTM certified carrier truck is a wonderful gift for children aged 37-72 months. It is made from a durable and non-toxic PP body. The vehicle measures 45.27"L x 25.82"W x 17.71"H. Can support up to 30 kg.

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