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Traditional stone oven Eratec - Pizza oven - New model - Tasfirin

Traditional stone oven Eratec - Pizza oven - New model - Tasfirin

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  • The brick oven for the home. In minutes, you can create delicious dishes such as Turkish pizza, pizza, flatbread, sweet pastries, chestnuts and various baked dishes. The particularity: you find the traditional taste of the brick oven!

    Thanks to the two heating elements fixed at the top and bottom, you benefit from a homogeneous temperature. As with professional brick ovens, the SET PM-27 reaches a maximum temperature of around 400° in a few minutes.

    Cook your dishes evenly and give your dough the perfect crust thanks to our firestone which removes moisture from the dough.

    - Top heat, bottom heat, top and bottom heat, OFF - bottom heat increased - Hooks on the left and right to lift the lid

    Details Brick oven with coating
    (Black Edition) 5-level thermostat* (adjustable temperature up to 400°C) Various switches: upper heat, lower heat, upper and lower heat, OFF Indicator light Hooks on both sides to lift the lid Increased function of lower heat Lower energy consumption compared to conventional ovens Space saving Lid with viewing window Firebrick with handle Ø 31.7 x 1.1 cm Oven dish (round, Ø 26 cm), handle with non-stick coating pizza Ø 31.7 cm Bread stone Manual pan insert Wooden pizza Pizza cutter
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